7 Amazing Ways to Style Yourself With a Denim Jacket

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Denim has been one of the highlights of this fashion season and with winter approaching, denim jackets will soon become the perfect way to finish your ensemble.  Because of the casual and super cool look that these jackets offer, it is extremely easy to style them, to suit every outfit.

Here are ways in which you can style your denim jacket to look amazing this season:

1. Opt for a white or light shade instead of the traditional blue:

While denim jackets are associated with the traditional blue colour of your jeans, purchasing them in a lighter shade will do wonders for your wardrobe. These light coloured jackets work well with light grays and off-whites, giving you a different look to show off.

2. Wear it with a turtle necked top:

Winter is all about layering your outfits to keep you both warm and stylish. Denim jackets look extremely stylish when teamed up with a high neck or a turtle necked top, along with a pair of jeans or your skirt. There is a something very formal and classy about this look that is best suited for days that are slightly cooler than the rest.

3. Jackets and crop tops:

Crop tops are slowly becoming the ultimate style statement – a cute look that works well for almost every occasion. Denim jackets add sass to your crop top, giving you that extra element of style. Besides, the jacket can also be used to cover up all that skin when you are around conservative adults.

4.Jazz up your maxi dress with a denim jacket:

A maxi dress today is owned by almost every girl, mainly because of the comfort and style they offer. These dresses as pretty as they are on their own, sometimes need to be paired with another piece of clothing, just to jazz them up. A denim  is the perfect companion to your maxi dress, which helps add more personality to your style.

5.Team it up with the ‘girl next door’ look:

Love your lace dresses so much that you wear them almost everywhere? Team up your cute girly dresses with a denim jacket, especially during the winter. Wear this outfit with a pair of ankle boots and you will completely transform your style for the better, while still staying true to those dresses you love.

6.Wear them with your jumpsuits to complete your look:

Jumpsuits are amazing and sometimes you just want to live in them. Monochrome jumpsuits or single patterned ones however tend to get boring to the eye and often need a little something that helps them stand out. Denim jackets make the perfect companion in such situations. Wear this combination with heels for a stylish look or your sneakers for a laid back look.

7.Go traditional:

While your denim jacket can jazz up any outfit, do not disregard the traditional look that can be opted for on those no fuss days. Team your jacket with a good pair of jeans and a solid coloured shirt for style that can never go wrong.

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