5 Best Fashion Hacks For That Perfect Glam Quotient

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One of the most common exclamations that every girl has is, “I have nothing to wear!” Her wardrobe could be full of different types of clothes and she will still feel inadequately prepared for every occasion. Since you unfortunately cannot keep buying yourself clothes to feed your desires, it is important for you to learn a few fashion hacks that will help you transform your old clothes to look brand new or at least differently styled.

These stylish solutions will help not only encourage you to be creative, but will also help you develop your own personal style. Soon your friends will be gushing over how fashionable you are while they secretly seethe in jealously.

1.Long skirt one day, dress the other: Every girl’s wardrobes usually contain at least one long skirt which has rarely been worn by them. Bring out this skirt and turn it into a cute tube dress for the evening by pulling it up to your chest instead of wearing it at your waist. Accessorise this with a simple belt to add some shape and you will have a brand new outfit to show off.

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2.Boring maxi to elegant evening gown: While your maxi dress makes a good day dress, rarely does it hold up the style that an evening occasion demands. If you are looking to revamp your maxi dress, just cut a high slit on the sides of the dress. Team this with a simple belt and delicate accessories for an elegant look to dazzle the evening.

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51E0i+4+mAL._UL1500_3.From drab to glam: Do you have a bunch of favourite clothes, which have gone old, but you absolutely refuse to get rid of? Don’t worry, you can keep these outfits and use them too – albeit with a refreshed look. Use different accessories like lace and jewel stones to spice up your outfits and add new life to them. Classy styles like lace and jewel stones also make for the perfect evening wear – so you can party with refreshed elegance.

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4.Long baggy t-shirts to sexy party dress: Do you often steal your brother’s t-shirts even though you would not be caught dead with them in public? Here is a tip to help you turn that t-shirt into one of the sexiest dresses you have owned. Cut the dress around the waist to show some skin and knot it up at the back or the centre to give it some shape. This transformed new look is bound to grab eyeballs and make you the centre of attention.

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61wkNwlfpDL._UL1500_5.Don’t be afraid to cut and sew: If you have a number of clothes in your wardrobe that you haven’t been using for a long time, give them a revamp with some simple cutting and sewing. No outfit ever goes completely out of fashion, instead elements of them do. It is easy to change the sleeves of your dress or the neckline – all you need is a good fashion eye and the determination to look good.

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