Top 6 Military Fashion Trends That Never Go Out of Style

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Make way, here come the fashion troupe all geared up in military inspired garbs that are sure to grab some attention from the onlookers. The classic military trend is a seasonal favourite that resurges year after year. With interesting new twists, fall 2016 pays tribute to this trend with some super trooper styles that are sure to break formation!

Military must haves include a classic trench coat, bomber jackets, khaki as the focal target and a little camo to win over the look. We’re taking our styling tricks straight from the streets, so follow along. That’s an order, ladies.

1.The Feminine Military Jacket

The classic jacket gets a feminine update with a hint of quirky embroidery and a broad waist belt that is perfect to add some definition to the larger-than-life silhouette. The tonal ensemble pair-up offset with pastel heels is a look to try.

2.The Code Breaking Skirt Set

Take your cue from the 1950s wartime code-breaking fashionistas and put on a khaki skirt set paired with knee high boots for a military-meets-chic look. Also, if your pulling off this look for fall, then we insist on the leather gloves!

4.The Bombshell Ensemble

If you really want to make a bang with your military-inspired ensemble, then pull on a thigh high slit skirt, a silk bomber jacket, a pair of heels and of course, a pair of good ol’ aviators.  Bombshell status, guaranteed.

5.The Top Gun Look

Tom Cruise may slowly be going off our radar, but we’d still like to thank him for making the bomber jacket a cult item in our wardrobes. For a relaxed and easy look, layer your khaki bomber jacket over a white tee, ripped jeans and sliders for a city perfect look.

6.The Camo Demo

Apart form the obvious khaki, the next best military investment piece to add to your roster is a baggy camo jacket. You’ll be surprised to know that the camo jacket is a layering classic that goes well with most of your basics. Roll back the sleeves, layer it over a tee paired with a leatherette skirt and put on some white kicks.

Take your field notes and make these looks your best allies this season. For More Military Looks, Click Here.


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