7 Super-Easy Beauty Tips For The Lazy Girl

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Getting out of bed every morning is such a task, especially if you are a lazy girl who loves the warmth and comfort of her little haven. Life unfortunately still goes on and there is no escaping that. While your laziness might be cause of a number of struggles in your life, do not let it hamper your style. Here are a few Beauty Tips for every lazy girl to look stunning without too much effort:

1. Mascara as an eye-liner

Running out of eye-liner and way too lazy to stock up? Learn to use your mascara as an eye-liner with the help of a liner brush and a mirror. You might as well also put on some of the mascara on your lashes and dab it with some powder for the perfect eyes.

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Have a big day planned and have no idea how the art of applying make-up works? Contouring is the best way to define and shape your features. Though this technique looks like something meant only for the experts , in reality it is as simple as writing the number 3. This trick automatically helps you highlight the main features of your face and leaves you looking fantastic.

Beauty Tips contouring

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3. Moisturiser For Flawless Look

Hydrated skin is essential for a flawless look. However, for every lazy girl this means waking up earlier than usual to moisture before they step out of the house. The key to good hydrated skin without wasting too much time is to do it at night, just before you go to bed. So, bring out your bottle of moisturiser as you sit to watch your favourite show just before you snuggle in your bed.

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4.Red Hot

Is it one of those days when you have slept in really late and have absolutely no time for any make-up? These are days on which a bold coloured lipstick, preferably in shades of red is your best friend. A bold coloured lipstick draws all the attention towards your lips and away from your face, allowing you to still dazzle the world with that amazing pout.

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5.Hair spray on bobby pins

Fixing your hair when you are a lazy girl is a task in itself. The struggle gets worse when you need to spend time  re-fixing it multiple times during the day. The trick to hold your hair in place is to spray your bobby pins with hair spray. The hair spray will help hold your bobby pins in place and save you the trouble having to style it over and over again.

Hair Beauty Tips

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5.Dry Shampoo


If laziness is your thing, you need to invest in a dry shampoo as soon as possible. Dry shampoo is one of the most convenient products that you could ever own. Use it liberally on bad hair days to avoid looking like someone who hasn’t showered in days.

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6.Make The Switch

On the days that you decide to wash your hair, drying it in the end could be a task too. Using a hair dryer is convenient, but that usually turns out to be bad for your hair. This tip however, will save you a lot of time and trouble. Wrap your damp hair up in a t-shirt instead of a towel after your shower. This will soak the water faster and leave you with more time to spare.

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